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November 2017
Another busy year is almost gone and we are very thankful for all of the artists who joined us in listening to their singles played on the radio and watching them climb the charts. Cabin Creek Promotions was very fortunate to have some of the very best Texas Music Artists on our roster. We look forward to their continued success and meeting new amazing performers in 2018.

October 2017
Congratulations Adrian!
Adrian Johnston won The Ranch Factor in October and we are all very excited for her. Keep it going girl! The future appears very bright for you. Have a few “Adult Beverage’s” to celebrate.

June 2017
Bravo Calamity Janes!
The Calamity Janes won Best New Group/Duo at the T3R Awards Show . It was a rainy weekend at Larry Joe Taylor’s place but that didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone in attendance to see these talented ladies accept their award. We are so proud of your achievement. Nothing but good things and sunny days are waiting out there for you.

June 2017
We had a blast at The 10th annual Thomas Michael Riley Music Fest in Luckenbach. It was so much fun, a weekend filled with fantastic music. With performances by TMR, Tommy Alverson, Adrian Johnston, Jamie Richards and Brando Rhyder (just to name a few), it couldn’t get any better than that.  So get ready, the next one is just around the corner, June 2018 will be here before you know it.   

June 1, 2011
New Releases!

Watch for a new single from Paul Nunn to be released any day now!

Aaron Einhouse

Another new daddy on the charts. Aaron’s new single, “The Cougar Song” is making it way up the charts and into the hearts of a whole new age group, you know who you are. Watch this one grow just like his new son, Ryder James Einhouse.

Hadden Sayers

A 49 Chevy pickup, the windows down, a long lonely highway doing about 70, and the radio cranked up with Hadden Sayers “Take me back to Texas” playing. You’re rocking down the road as you make your way back home from an extended road trip. The next thing you know tumbleweed will be dancing in the fields. Take Hadden’s latest “Take me back to Texas” for a ride and you just may not make it back.

Kevin Seale Band - "6 Pack"

The heat is on down here in the great southwest, with searing days and humid nights, nothings better than lying out at the river with some hot music and a cold “6 Pack”. Kevin Seale raises the temps with his latest, “6 Pack”. So, you bring the beer and we’ll get this party started. Look out man, here comes summer.

February 21, 2011

Here he comes again! James Lann has released his latest single, “Halfway to Houston” off of his album, which has come to be looked upon as a hit machine, “Honky Tonk Kung Fu”. Already moving up the charts, James is on his way to his 4th number one hit song. Listen for “Halfway to Houston” to be all over the airwaves, the internet and anywhere else great Texas Music is played. James has set the bar high for all of his previous projects and this one is no different; Number 1 on the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Regional Radio Report is what he is shooting for and he will not rest until he achieves this goal.

February 1, 2011

The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards and Radio Seminar will be held March 25 and 26 at the Arlington Music Hall in Arlington Texas. You must sign up to be a member in order to vote. You can do so at www.texasregionalradio.com Click on the banner for the Awards Show and Seminar, click on the Vote Second Round button and you will be able to sign up and then vote for your favorite Texas artist. We did notice a few superstars on the ballot that could use your vote. First off, James Lann is nominated for Songwriter of the Year for “The Talent Requires” and New Male Vocalist of the Year. Also and last but not least, Dorothea Ivey is nominated for Promotional Person of the Year. Make it a point to visit their site and vote. The awards show is open to the public and all are invited.