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The Musical Journey

Born and raised in San Antonio, Dorothea grew up listening to the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but Saturday nights were spent at the Stallion drinking cokes (yeah, right) and swaying to the songs of Johnny Bush, Willie, and a whole slew of local artists who appeared there on stage. About eight or nine years ago, she accepted an offer to "help out" at a local Recording Studio/Radio Promotion Business. One thing led to another as Dorothea soon became known as a force to be reckoned with on the Texas Music Scene. She has personally worked with numerous Texas Music Artists. Clay Blaker, The Great Divide, Cooder Graw, Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser, Jason Allen, The Scott Wiggins Band, and good friends Johnny Bush and The Pear Ratz, just to drop a few names.

Dorothea was instrumental in many Top Ten singles for an artist the company represented, not to mention numerous #1 chart singles. In the past year or two, she built some of the best radio tour plans ever seen. To date, not one artist has gotten lost or been rejected at a station on their map. (Look out KFAN, There'll be more coming.) This year the opportunity arose for Dorothea to open Cabin Creek Promotions. CCP will offer Texas Music Radio Promotion, Radio Tours, Marketing, Publicity, and Career Direction. We have also designed a very competitive pricing menu (we know you're not made of money) that we think you will like. E-mail us for the details. CCP is dedicated to Texas Music Artists and their success. Our Motto says it best... "Promoting Texas Music Because We Like Texas Music!"

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Cabin Creek Promotions

A personalized radio promotion plan will be designed just for you and your sound. We will take you to the course, maneuvering all of the twists and turns and direct your song to those who need to hear it and especially those who will play it on the air. Singles receive 12 weeks or more of weekly calls to reporting stations, weekly e-mail campaigns with tracking and chart placement reports. CD mailing and duplication services are also offered. Plus, your project, link, and any other information deemed best will be listed on the fantastic Cabin Creek Promotions Website. Together we will cheer your song on as it climbs the charts and follows it through till the end. Regardless of the course size, Cabin Creek Promotions will go the extra mile for the best possible results!

We will unfold the map (and fold it back up again) and plan, design, and route a customized radio promotional tour for you to get out and meet the people in radio throughout the region. We will pre-schedule tour stops at the radio stations across the great state of Texas and beyond and have music directors standing at the door, anxiously awaiting your arrival. (Figuratively speaking, of course) We'll set up some interviews and a few on-air performances, we know you will like. You will meet and form long-lasting relationships with some of the top Texas Music Radio Program Directors and Disc Jockeys, not to mention numerous fast food window employees. So remember, when we tell you to hit the road, we mean in it a good way!


"I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Dorothea Ivey from Cabin Creek Promotions. The best around. If you aren't aware of her or Cabin Creek, you are missing out! #1"

Aaron Copeland

"Hey ya'll If you want someone that cares about your project like it was her own, Dorothea is the right one for your job. She makes a huge difference for me while I am on the road visiting radio stations. I appreciate how hard she works when it's "GO" time. I have known Dorothea for many years, and she has always been a cheerful person. She works hard and doesn't let "NO" be the final answer. What more can I say other than what a great asset to any team Cabin Creek Promotions would be."

James Lann Honky Tonk Two Step Queen, The Talent Requires, Let It Rain, Every Kiss Goodnight, Halfway to Houston | #1 Texas Music Chart

"If you want good songs heard on the radio, team up with Cabin Creek. Two of my songs climbed the charts to #27 in less than a year! Thank you, Cabin Creek Promotions and Texas/Red-Dirt Radio!!

Thomas Michael Riley, #27 Ten Toes Up, #27 Between the Tic and the Tock

"With over a decade of knowledge, Dorothea brings skill and expertise to the table. It's always a flawless experience with Cabin Creek Promotions."

Cara Miller, Radio Free Texas, RadioFreeTexas.org